Lani Rose / Overreacting

About a year ago, I got the chance to uncover a game changing artist who has left me wanting more of music from the moment I stumbled on him. If you’re familiar with the name Lani Rose, then you already know the immense talent that this up and comer possesses, but if you haven’t heard of him, make sure you take some time to read this article in its entirety. This isn’t Lani’s first appearance on Early Rising as he was one of the first artists that we put on our platform last year and this definitely won’t be his last, since his art deserves to be celebrated to the fullest.

Today, the St. Louis, Missouri makes his ER website debut for the release of his brand new song called, “Overreacting”, an emotion fueled ballad that kicks off a promising 2021 for the future super star. From the moment you press play on this one, you will instantly become immersed into the trance like ambience that Lani has created through the dream like production. I’m truly in awe when it comes to this guys’ talent. The intention and meticulous focus that he approaches his music with shows when it comes to the finished product and I couldn’t be more impressed. I had the chance to grab a quote from Lani and he explained:

“Last year I had a breakdown that turned my world upside down. I found that I was no longer able to deny the pressures/expectations that were stressing me out. Overreacting is one of my first streams of consciousness from this time. A time I felt overwhelmed, insignificant and unwanted by the people who used to be the closest to me.”

From what I’ve seen on Lani’s socials, he wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t shy away from transparency, which is what makes him such a special talent that has the ability to captivate anyone who listens to the music. “Overreacting” is available everywhere, so make sure you tap in with Lani and stream the heck out of this one.


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