Genevieve Stokes / Swimming Lessons

Finding new artists that inherently raise the bar for what we should expect from music is no easy feat—enter Genevieve Stokes. Sonically developed and wholeheartedly sincere, Stokes’ debut EP Swimming Lessons is bound to be your newest prized-find of 2021. The Portland-based artist has a natural gift for keenly knowing both how to express herself and how to make the listener feel seen through her touching lyricism. 

Offering an undoubtedly propitious artistry, Stokes showcases her capacity for storytelling and creating evocative, uninhibited music. Seven tracks of pure indulgence, Swimming Lessons wraps sentimental nuance, hauntingly beautiful vocals and airy yet intentional production into one flawlessly-presented gift. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter exhibits a wisdom so precise it’s hard to comprehend—her versatility to speak to things that any person of any age can emotionally connect to is astonishing.

A personal favorite, “Parking Lot” is an intuitive and ruminative offering with a spacious soundscape that blithely envelopes you for the entirety of the track. Reminiscent of what it’s like to develop intoxicating, rousing feelings for someone new, Stokes captures the exhilaration of daydreaming up an imaginative world of your latest crush precisely.  

Nostalgic yet undeniably contemporary, ones of Stokes’ greatest strengths is her faculty to make music with unprecedented depth and precision feel effortless. “To me, Swimming Lessons is like dipping your feet in the water for the first time,” Stokes says. “I’m drawn to water, because it reminds me of home. I wrote a lot of these songs with the intention of never showing them to the world, so they’re very intimate.” 

Delicate yet powerful, striking yet soothing, Stokes is chock-full of paradoxes that render her an artist in a league of her own. Her expertise is reminiscent of the greats, and with no doubt she is on the track to notable stardom herself. This is only the beginning for Stokes, so we suggest you listen to her now before she becomes a household name. Stream Swimming Lessons below!



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