Allison Ponthier / Cowboy

Allison Ponthier’s “Cowboy” is the warm embrace you need after a long day of soul searching. Illustrating the process is always evolving, Ponthier gives listeners an anthem for self acceptance. In the music video, directed by Jordan Bahat, she narrates the path toward independence and identity, painting her picture of self love with the colors of confidence.

The 25 year-old artist from Allen, Texas gives listeners a beautiful piece on her moments of self reflection. Ponthier shows listeners that in order to grow into yourself, you have to remember your roots. “Cowboy” willingly follows her down the paths of exploration, searching for different aspects of herself within different communities. It highlights the lesson that the first step toward feeling a part of something bigger is starting your journey toward loving yourself. 

Throughout the music video, you see Ponthier travel through a colorful Western landscape. Touching on her past, Allison Ponthier references points in her life, like the lyric “It took New York to make me a cowboy.” When she was 20 years old, Ponthier moved to Brooklyn hoping to fulfill who she was but found herself feeling less than. Outlining her next move with pigments from the past, “Cowboy” symbolizes her coming out and accepting a part of herself she hadn’t been able to before.   

“A lot of my songs are about being uncomfortable in your own skin but getting to know yourself better, figuring out who you really are. I mostly just try to make music that speaks to me, because I know there’s no way I’m the only person in the world who’s felt like this,” says Allison Ponthier on why she makes music. 

It’s a formative piece on a transitional part of life. It is a song for everyone that has felt themselves outgrowing a place, a person, or even a part of themselves. Watch the incredible music video and listen to “Cowboy” below. 



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