Gunnar Gehl / Dance Alone

If you love “Somebody Else” by The 1975 but want a more stripped-back, instrumental track, look no further. Gunnar Gehl’s newest release, “Dance Alone” is like a sibling, or cousin, to The 1975’s, “Somebody Else.” “Dance Alone” captures that selfish feeling of wanting the best for an ex, but not wanting the best to be with someone new. With mellifluous vocals and a tantalizing piano melody, this new track is a beautiful beginning to a new era for the young singer.

Releasing his debut EP, “One Second of One Day” back in October of 2020, Gehl has garnered nearly two million streams on Spotify on just the EP. “Dance Alone” is yet another track that proves the artistic greatness that is Gunnar Gehl.

Add “Dance Alone” to your rainy day playlists because this is the perfect song to put you in your feels. Check out the song down below and let me know what you think.


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