Mikey Ferrari / SPACEYBOY EP

It’s enough pressure shouldering the weight of our own problems, but it’s a whole other dilemma shouldering the weight of other people’s opinions on our life. Newcomer Mikey Ferrari points a spotlight on this feeling with his debut EP, “SPACEBOY.” 

The six-track EP features three previously released singles, “moving slow,” “lunar light,” and “standoff,” while making space for three new tracks, “SPACEBOY,” “wind blows,” and “moving fast.” I believe this EP is the perfect summary of the feeling that many experience while self-loathing. The need—and the want—to shelter oneself from the rest of the world in an attempt to prevent the impending doom we may associate with our grief. “SPACEBOY” takes listeners on a ride of emotions. 

If listening from top to bottom, “moving slow” and “SPACEBOY” tackle what is at stake when pursuing dreams and aiming oneself towards the moon, in hopes they land amongst the stars. “lunar light,” the EP’s third track, is spellbinding and dreamy. Coming out from the backseat, “lunar light” takes initiative and works to repair the damage and cracks within relationships. “wind blows” and “moving fast” are two songs that I can relate to. Not wanting to burden anyone with the severity of my problems, I oftentimes shut people out, to the point where the wall is too thick and too high for anyone to make it over. “wind blows” and “moving fast” have that aggressive angst that accompanies self-loathing, attempting to lash out at others, inhibiting their ability to offer a hand, essentially, self-sabotage. The last and final track, “standoff,” is almost as if you jumped into the deep end of a pool, realizing halfway through the descent that there is no going back. 

“SPACEBOY” is a beautifully crafted EP, one that I can play on any given day, whether it be one single song or the entire project. The emotions that are bottled into this body of work tell such a captivating story. Listen to the EP down below and let me know what you think. 



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