Stella Smyth / The Bluffs

Soundtracking the exact occasion of needing a song to sing at the top of your lungs for a coming-of-age moment of catharsis, Stella Smyth’s latest single “The Bluffs” is sure to do the trick. Filled with difficult realizations and a heartfelt intimacy, the track’s triumph is it’s glowing sense of empowerment that overcomes it’s contradictory emotional hardships. Smyth’s unornamented yet poetic lyricism is a source of both comfort and inspiration. 

“The Bluffs” is both bright and resilient—two traits that mirror the 20 year old singer-songwriter’s artistry precisely. Emotionally complex yet understandable, Smyth’s world is one of impressive warmth and bold truths that sometimes we struggle to reach on our own. Her ability to push past the boundaries of fleeting indie-pop and offer the listener a sonic world of depth and sentiment speaks to her abilities entirely. Creating an ambient and airy soundscape, “The Bluffs” boasts a blithe production that contributes to the track’s spaciousness, making it feel inherently freeing.

“[‘The Bluffs”] is about the joy of getting the closure you need after failed relationships,” Smyth shares. “I had the co-writers, my friends, and my mom and sister sing the gang vocals at the end. Bringing in different voices was a huge part of making this track feel special to me because it expresses the sentiment that everyone goes through the lonely process of separating themselves from people they once loved.”

Smyth’s earnest and wholehearted approach to making music renders her one to watch. With an authenticity so sincere and a stylistic polish so explicit, there’s no doubt you won’t enjoy “The Bluffs”—stream it below!


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