Meet SEB—armed with relatable narratives and an effortlessly cool sound, he’s the R&B-meets-indie newcomer you need to know about. Subtle yet incredibly smooth, “THEY DON’T LIKE ME” is his latest release, showcasing his prowess for creating music that contains a straightforwardness so polished that it renders it suave. 

The Chicago-raised, now LA-based artist offers a definitively fresh approach, combining lo-fi beats with lazy guitar strums for an end result that is equal parts pensive and laidback. With a lyricism adjacent to a diary entry, “THEY DON’T LIKE ME” is the epitome of intrusive thoughts about identity that everyone encounters—both struggling to seek acceptance from others, and rejecting the notion entirely. Sonically sundry, SEB’s sound profile will undeniably attract listeners with varying tastes, due to his aptitude for seamlessly fusing the highlights of several genres.

Easygoing and charmingly chill, “THEY DON’T LIKE ME” is a brief glimpse into the self-produced artist’s multi-faceted world, and it’s easy to see it is one filled with both finesse and flair—and we can’t wait to hear more. Inarguably precocious, SEB’s poised style is sure to make you fan. Check out “THEY DON’T LIKE ME” below!


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