No Suits / Fool’s Paradise

No Suits, the name speaks for itself, the San Diego collective/band is dedicated to the concept of nonconformity. In a practical sense, the trio has long made it their mission to create sounds that appeal to them without a focus on perception from the outside. With such variety in the sound of each release, the group is reluctant to stick to a tag of a production collective or a band due to their constantly changing methods. Through it all, No Suits continuously ushers in bouncy, groovy, and consistently encapsulating tracks. The first time I heard their track, “Strawberry Wine” I knew the trio was special and now it is amazing to watch their work reach another milestone with the release of their LP, Fool’s Paradise.

Fool’s Paradise runs at a concise 19 minutes and features a total of 7 tracks, all of which hit a different nerve of musical pleasure. The trio opens the record with “Woah Nelly,” one of the leading singles and a true statement of No Suit’s complete confidence and ability to capture the essence of groove. The chorus features an ever-so-cool falsetto that perfectly matches with the more smooth and under delivered verses. From name drops of Nardwuar to the legendary Justin Timberlake, the group makes sure to touch all bases. The mix also welcomes in an assortment of scattered shouts and playful lines that truly present the group in their purest form, fun-loving, groovy, and most importantly some guys you’d love to spend an afternoon with. 

The record progresses into its latter half with a more subdued approach, fueled by more calm and jazzy takes with gorgeous instrumentals. For the fifth track on the record, “Forrest Gump,” the group welcomes in a feature from Jackii Kennedy who brings plenty of soothing vocals over the gliding electronic keyboards. Deeper in the mix are some jazzy horns, slowly gracing the track and truly providing the track with a more balanced arrangement. 
To conclude the 7-track showing, the group goes out with the highlight of the record, “Still Miss You.” The track is infused with sporadic vocal samples continuously sparking excitement. In its entirety the track is representative of the imagery of the record, it provides the sensations of a sunset drive through the hills or beach, carefree and bouncing along. Fittingly, the record allows a saxophone solo to ride it out to its end, allowing for a humble moment of reflection to take in the record in its entirety and bathe in the soulful shredding of brass. Serving as the perfect bow on the package, No Suits makes sure to not miss from beginning to end. Be sure to catch a sunset and bounce around with the boys from San Diego, Fool’s Paradise is a project to take note of.


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