Los Angeles-based singer/songwriters Alex Oliva and Jillian Batt recently released their “u & i” on all streaming services. 

The track is an ode to new love and romance, as Oliva and Batt’s evocative vocals decorate the ethereal instrumental soundscape to dualistic tale of love. While Oliva begins the track with verses denoting his side of love, Batt quickly echoes his claims, creating the chorus to swell with emotion.

Oliva notes, “I wrote this song during the first part of quarantine, and for whatever reason I was thinking about love songs and how they’re always one-sided and it’s one person singing to another. I wanted to make a love anthem that two people could sing to each other at the same time.”

Keep an eye out for Oliva and Batt, as they are destined to take the industry by storm.

Check out “u & i” below!


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