Exuberant, effervescent, and lively, just a few words you could use to describe Texas-native KILLBOY. With fans that hang on her every word, eager to consume any and all new content from the artist, KILLBOY has built a dedicated, loyal fanbase in the early stages of her career.

With her newest track, “F*CK YO FRIENDS,” she expresses—with complete transparency—repugnance towards a significant other’s friends.

Sometimes people give their unwarranted opinions, believing that they have a say so in something as delicate as a relationship. Without impeding on her true feelings, KILLBOY makes her sentiments known. “F*CK YO FRIENDS” is relatable, angsty, and quite frankly, something I want to play at full volume.

Truly unapologetically herself, KILLBOY engineers, produces, writes, and records all of her tracks in her own company. Adaptable, and resourceful, KILLBOY is an artist you want on your radar. Listen to the new track down below and let me know your thoughts!


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