Tori Templet / Ghosts

I’ve been waiting weeks for this moment right here.  A couple weeks ago, Early Rising’s own Tori Templet teased “Ghosts,” the newest release in her growing catalogue.  Last Friday, Templet released Ghosts and I could not be more excited to share this track on Early Rising.

The Atlanta-bred Baylor student first came on my radar with her “all i ask” and really hasn’t strayed far since.  With a consistent flow of incredible releases, this budding singer/songwriter is surely one to watch into the coming year.  Produced by Jordan Mitchell & Trent Bilodeau, “Ghosts” is a record that stands out from the rest of Templet’s catalogue.  Blending new-wave pop stylings with disco synths and a tempo reminiscent of early 2000’s angsty-pop, this record melds unexpected eras into something uniquely Tori Templet.

I can’t pinpoint the exact elements that make me feel this way, but “Ghosts” evokes so many different emotions at the same time.  From a sense of nostalgia to motivation and a few inklings of teenage angst, Templet’s new record is the perfect soundtrack for your morning commute, workout, or just when you’re relaxing at home.

Make sure to check out “Ghosts” by Tori Templet below and keep tabs on this young creative as she speeds into 2021.  



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