Cassidy Murphy

In any industry, job or career field, I believe it is immensely important to hold on to why you’re doing it. Being able to remember the reason behind your day to day work flow will always be the differentiating factor between burn out and perseverance. With the continuous ebbs and flows of life, it is no secret that highs and lows can interchange instantly, which is why you must find yourself rooted in something that will sustain you through the ups and downs.

Here at Early Rising, we’ve had the opportunity to highlight a plethora of impressive industry individuals and so far, the common denominator in their success isn’t talent or luck, but instead, their ability to remain rooted in their solidified convictions and passions. With the challenge of 2020, a lot of people struggled, but in the midst of it, we’ve seen others thrive and grow to new heights due to their determination and unwillingness to forget their “why”. 

Someone who falls into this category is 24-year-old manager and founding member of Good Boy Records, Cassidy Murphy. The New Jersey native cites her love for music igniting at a very young age, thanks to her father. What started off as interest and intrigue quickly grew into passion and purpose as Cassidy has successfully completed two degrees in music business as well as working “way too many unpaid internships.” Now the LA-based individual has found herself racking up extensive experience on the artist development side, working closely with up and coming artists Mazie under Good Boy Records; and on the management side, boasting a roster that includes, Mykey and producers, Joe Kelleher and Gabe Rhys.

When asking Cassidy about the lasting impression that she wants to leave when it’s all said and done, the future exec explained:

“I understand this is a big ask, but I want people to value music in the same way that I value music. Because I primarily surround myself with creatives, I feel as though I have a deeper understanding of the process it takes to create music, ultimately making me recognize its value that much more. I want the world to treat art in relation to how they consume it — if you rely on music to get you through the day then you should have respect for the artists, their creative process, and their compensation for their work.”

If you’ve ever had the chance to speak with Cassidy, then you’d know that this young woman exudes a light that shines extremely bright wherever she goes. Her heart for serving others and making the music industry a better place has directly played a role in her success and it’s not going to be a surprise when she ends up changing the world. A true gem in this industry, Cassidy Murphy appears on our page as one of the most inspiring Guest Curators that we’ve had the chance to feature! Tune back in this Sunday to check out her volume of favorites for this weeks Early Rising playlist!


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