Reese Youngn / Warriors

For the past week Reese Youngn had the whole world going “VVRRRT VRRTT”. Yesterday he dropped a video to “Warriors” which follows up his “No More Parties” Remix which finally hit 1 Million views after 5 days. 

The 22-year-old artist poured it all out on “Warriors”. He talks about lost friends, lost time, and lost love. His grit comes from the dark scenes in Pittsburgh, the rasp in his voice is real pain. If you take some time to go through his massive catalogue of music on both his Reese Youngn and BHM channel, you’ll see his switch from R&B, to fun loving jams, to pain tracks like this. 

Reese Youngn is hands down one of the most seasoned artists coming out of Pittsburgh and arguably the world. Make sure you give him a follow on Instagram and pay attention to any new music coming from Reese. Give us a follow on the Gram too to stay early on all your new favorite music.


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