Russ Reiss / you & your friends

Utah’s, Russ Reiss, is a self-taught pop artist that I am very excited to introduce to the world of Early Rising this Tuesday afternoon. Influenced by the likes of artists such as blackbear, Quinn XCII, and Billie Joe Armstrong, Reiss puts his own unique twist on pop music offering catchy melodies, up-beat vibes, and loads of energy that are sure to grab listeners’ attention right off the bat. With only one single released on streaming platforms at this moment in time, Reiss will be an intriguing artist to watch as a young talent that will continue to impress over the coming months and (hopefully) years.

On March 19th, the Park City-native released his debut single entitled “you & your friends”. Recorded and written in his bedroom closet/home studio, Reiss brought the record to his roommate, close friend, and producer, Kyle Ramsay and the two came together to make the perfect record to sing along to with the windows down on a sunny day in Southern California. In the song, Reiss entertains the idea of a seemingly unobtainable girl and him working out their struggles, but is quickly shut down by her independence. Singing overtop of a groovy guitar rift and complementary drums, the song flips the idea of rejection into a fun-loving tune that we can all enjoy.

Still students at USC, Reiss and Ramsay recruited their roommate, videographer, and Ourros co-founder, Cade Laranang, to direct and shoot the song’s music video. From what I’ve seen of the video, the visuals are certainly on point, so make sure to keep an eye out for the video’s release on April 1st as you’re not going to want to miss it! In the meantime, I’ve left the link to the song for you all to go check out!


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