Noah Jack / Angst

It’s a blessing to finally bring Noah Jack on to the pages of Early Rising today. For the past few months, I’ve been sensing the hype around this up and comer and today, after peeping the offering that he just dropped, it is without a doubt a fact that this kid is the real deal. 

In the ever growing hyper pop space, it seems like new artists are coming out of nowhere, but Noah is here to let y’all know that he’s here to stay. This new song and video that just released today is called, “ANGST” and out of everything I’ve heard from him, this for sure might be my favorite. Like the title suggests, this one is just oozing with grit and energy that you can’t find just anywhere. Those are the kind of artists that I love; the ones that you have to go to specifically for something that you can’t get anywhere else.

For all of the new Noah fans, “ANGST” is a fun one to start off with. I was able to grab a quote from the Pennsylvania native about the song and he explained:

“When I was writing ANGST I’d been investing a lot in other people but felt as though there wasn’t a lot of return. I realized that in overcommitting to others, I wasn’t giving myself enough energy or time to grow. This song is about that realization and the leap of faith that I’m taking to make myself better.”

It goes without saying that I’m a huge fan of Noah Jack and I firmly believe anyone who is looking for good music needs to check him out. I’ve attached the video down below, so make sure you check this one and rewatch it a couple of times. This team never misses with the visuals which always make for a treat! Enjoy!


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