Early Talks w/ Delacey

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to talk to one of the brightest lights in the industry, singer/songwriter from Orange County, California, Delacey. If you haven’t heard the name before, then make sure you pay attention to this piece as it will serve as the crash course to learning about your newest obsession. I say this time and time again: I love music so much, but I love people even more and this job that I do every day gives me the opportunity to connect and talk with some of the coolest people; A blessing that I will never get tired of. Delacey not only represents talent and immense skill, but she also exudes an energy that you can only get when talking to a super star; because that’s truly who she is. Her work speaks for itself as she boasts her own solo career, while writing for/with some prominent names in the music industry all while staying true to herself. Like I said, I had the chance to sit down and talk to Delacey this week about everything under the sun from her music, to her manager all the way to what it’s like being independent and writing a track on Justin Bieber’s last album. For those who are excited to check out an amazing and inspiring conversation, make sure to read this week’s installment of the Early Talks Interview Series w/ Delacey!

Sam: So, where are you from, what was your upbringing like, and when was your first encounter with music?

Delacey: Wow, that’s so funny, I was just thinking about this the other day. I’m so jealous of the people who have these dope stories like, “I was seeing David Bowie in concert and this is what I’m meant to do”…no, that was not me. Mine, I just don’t remember not wanting to do music. I have no memory of not wanting to do music. It was my whole existence always; It’s how I just knew how to function. I didn’t know how to go a day without singing or playing my piano or writing a poem. But, yeah, I grew up in Orange County California…I’m a California girl and I was born to two of the most amazing people ever who are my parents. And they’re just really down to earth people. They’re not like other California people. They’re from Detroit, so they’re like sick. I had a lot of hardships in my childhood and a lot of fucked up shit, but at the same time, so much love that it made up for it. Like I look back at all the bad stuff that happened to me and I’m like, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but my childhood was so nice and it was because of all the love I had and I look back and think about all of the plays that I was always in and dance and I was playing piano and guitar. I was just always that annoying girl that was like, “K, everyone watch my play now…okay gather around, I’m directing a new movie and this is the new book I wrote.” I was always writing. I was an obnoxious child…still am; but that’s really the gist of it.

Sam: Were your parents musical at all?

Delacey: I think you’re like not a human if you don’t like music, so of course they both liked music; But my dad was super passionate about it; probably just like you. I feel like people like you, who do this, you have a special connection with music. Much more than the average joe would. But he definitely did. He grew up playing drums, but he never stuck through it, because he had a horrendous childhood that never let him do anything that he wanted to do. But, he was definitely big part of my love for music; at least my influences. I was very young, but for my whole life, I just thought it was regular to have this crazy amazing vinyl record collection and a really nice record player. I thought that was normal, but he had it and gave it to me and I literally had the original Fleetwood Mack and Jimi Hendrix…the ones that he literally stood in line for at the record stores. So he was a huge influence; But as far as we know, no one was a singer or anything. My Italian family was in the mafia so no, I don’t think they were singing haha.

Sam: That’s nuts, I love that story. But with that, when was the moment that you decided to pursue this as a career? Was it an accident or intentional?

Delacey: Oh it definitely was not an accident; I’m so jealous of this people who are like, “I just got signed and now I’m famous”. That’s not how it was for me, it was definitely a struggle for a bit. Which I look back and I’m very grateful that it happened the way it did because it makes me that much more grateful for the current success. But, you know, I was always in to acting and dance and being creative and in High School, I got kicked out because I hated school; I just couldn’t function under people telling me what to do and having to be in a certain place and not getting to spend all day playing music or doing something I was interested in. It just drove me nuts. So I got kicked out of High School and definitely had no plans of college. So for me, it was very much like I was going to do music. But, I graduated High School barely and moved to New York, because I got this opportunity with Photography. When I was younger, I was really into photography and taking photos and I thought it was just an excuse to leave home, not that my home life was bad, but I’m just such an independent free-spirit and I was like, I need to go live and experience the world. so I went to New York. I was dirt poor. Shared a shitty disgusting bedroom with my best friend and we both had a crappy job. But, I was out there and I was writing all of the time time and I decided that I was going to go back to LA. This was at the age of 19 and it was just so many years of trying to record at random studios who would do it for free because I didn’t have enough money to pay them or meeting people through friends who had an internship who knew a lawyer who knew somebody and eventually  I signed a publishing deal at the age of 20 or 21 but that was crazy because I didn’t know what that meant. It was so shitty. They gave me a really small advance and I was like, “I’m rich!”

Sam: And how long were you with them for?

Delacey: Well they disbanded as a company. They ran out of money and didn’t care about it anymore, so then I was just hustling for 2 years to get some sort of traction, Writing with anyone I could write with while working a job. And I ended up signing with Universal music who I’m still with. I love them. They’re my family. And I don’t know, its really weird how it happens. It takes obviously being talented and having that thing, but it takes so much determination and having thick skin. When people tell you that you suck you can’t just curl up in a ball and cry.

Sam: One thing that I’d love to hear about next is how you met your manager, Alana, because obviously, teams are so important and they play a huge role, so tell me what it was like meeting this super star of a manager.

Delacey: Well we have different stories!

Sam: Wait Alana, you come sit down and tell your side of the story for the sake of the interview:

Delacey: Yes Alana, you come do yours first.

Alana (Manager): Yeah, it was Grammy week and Delacey and her Producer and her fiancé, who was just her boyfriend at the time was about to propose to her the next day and no one had a clue.

Delacey: And we were performing at LA’s grammy party. I thought he was just nervous about the performance. He literally was shitting his pants and LA was banging on the bathroom door and he was losing it.

Alana: …And as they walked in, I was too afraid to talk to Delacey so I met her producer and I was like, I’m a huge fan of what you’ve done with her and then the first time we ever spoke was like March 8th because it was a special release date. And anyways, that’s how I met her and I am obsessed with her and she’s my favorite person in the world and I’m so lucky to know her.

Delacey: And thats my story too. I remember that day meeting you and you were showing me my live streams on Spotify and it was my first time ever seeing it and I was like, how do I do this, how can I get this on my phone. I was shocked. That night we were having so much fun dancing and getting drunk together, It was like we knew each other for forever. 

Sam: So how has it been being best friends but also working toegethere?

Delacey: It just feels like we’re a dynamic duo, especially since we’re independent now. We’re just running everything. Down to the very much of us listing all the assets we need and this certain stuff for the release dates. It’s been amazing.

Sam : So y’all are independent now; Tell me what it was like, going from being signed to now independent. Give me the story.

Delacey: I just feel so free. I feel vindicated. I don’t have any bad blood and its not like I look back and I’m like “fuck those people”, but I am happy that I am free. It was just me needing to have more control. I had no business being signed to any label. Especially right now in my career. I need freedom and control; I have such a clear vision and goal, I have an idea of what I want. I don’t want to be told to lie about my age or lie that I have a fiancé. I’m just a real artists and so many people are not used to real artistry and I just can’t be associated with people who suck.

Sam: So you’re free now. You’re free as a bird. What are you most excited about for the near future?

Delacey: I’m just really excited that I’m putting out this album. So that’s the immediate plan; to keep shooting videos because I’m so into being an actress and visuals. I’m so about it and hands on with that process. But other than that, I don’t know. I didn’t even think I was going to make this album or the first one. So I try to just go with the flow. I’m such a spontaneous person and I don’t like plans that much; at least not too far in advance, and I’m not one of those artists who is like, I want to win a Grammy or play MSG. Not saying I don’t want those things, but that’s not how my brain works. I just want to get through therapy every week and be happy, so making music is helping me do that and exist in this world and I just want to keep doing that. On top of that, I just want to play live and meet my fans and meet new friends over the world and connect with people. 

Sam : So last couple of questions…You have a track on Justin’s latest album, tell me about that…

Alana: She’s not a writer…

Delacey: Shut up! Um, there’s so much that goes behind songwriting that doesn’t make it very glamorous, but that being said, I am super excited about this. It feels like a big moment in may career that I have a Justin Bieber song and I wrote it with this guy Gregg who is just such a talented person and I love writing with him and he’s a dear friend and we’re both very spiritual people and we were talking a lot about God the day we wrote it, so it ended up being a godly song which we never do in pop! So it’s extra special because it’s a spiritual song and it’s cool that that’s the song that made it out and with a huge artist who I admire, so I’m super excited about it.

Sam: Okay, last question…I love reflecting. This is a hard one, but, if you could go back in time and give younger Delacey any advice, what would it be?

Delacey: This is a funny one because it has nothing to do with music, but I would tell her, at some point you’ll want to get a tattoo of this guy’s name and just don’t do it. I would just tell her, don’t get any tattoos of any of your psycho boyfriend’s that don’t last.


For anyone wanting to get hip to Delacey’s music, I’ve attached my favorite song down below, so give it a listen and also be on the look out for her new song that drops tomorrow!!


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