Kings Elliot / Bitter Tonic

Last year, Kings Elliot made it onto our page for her stellar artist debut in what was one of the coolest showings of an up and comer that I have seen in a long time. After a few releases under her belt, Kings has truly solidified herself as generational talent who is undoubtedly going to have an amazing career filled with success and influence from top to bottom.

Today, she continues to prove me right with the release of her newest masterpiece, “Bitter Tonic”. What I love most about Kings Elliot is her ability to craft a narrative. From her very first song, she created a world for her listeners that we’ve been able to follow along. From the progress of the cover art , to the sonic tone, the music just feels like we’re being taken on a journey through Kings Elliot’s conscience and heart. Although this talent has dropped impressive song after impressive song, this is truly one of my favorite songs by her as it exudes a different kind of feel than what I’ve heard from anything that she’s put out. You can just tell that she is creating this music with the utmost amounts of intentionality and passion.

Y’all need to listen to “Bitter Tonic” by Kings Elliot. She’s operating at a level that’s going to lead to greatness. I’ve attached the Spotify down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!


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