Koastle, DLG. / Stay Close

Planning out your Summer 2021 playlist and looking for a relaxing new jam to bump while you kick your feet up on the beach? Look no further than Koastle’s fresh new single, “Stay Close”, with DLG.

Formerly known as The Lost Boys, the Orange County-based DJ duo made up of Andy Mueller and Brett Beaudette have now rebranded their entire project from head to toe. Inspired by the likes of artists such as Flume, ODESZA, and Porter Robinson, the two DJ/producers have focused their attention on delivering an awe-inspiring audio-visual experience for their new fans to enjoy. From their brand aesthetic to their refreshed new sound, Koastle is looking to make waves in the pop-electronic space taking it to a new dimension by separating themselves with an experimental flair that is certainly pushing creative boundaries.

Kicking off the new Koastle project with a bang, on Thursday, March 25th, the group released their debut single, “Stay Close”, with the up-and-comer, DLG., and let me tell you something – the guys brought the heat on this one. Combining Koastle’s shimmery, electronic sound with DLG’s grimy, R&B vocal and guitar made for an awfully impressive record that I believe is destined to pick up quite a bit of traction in the coming weeks.  All-in-all this song is a classic feel good track that I think just about anyone will vibe to and it seems as if the Koastle guys had intended exactly that when creating the song:

“’Stay Close’ makes you want to sink into the sand around you and take a breather. In light of that, we want this song to etch its place in our listener’s memory; the song you play when you go on a long road trip, have a day on the beach, or get a beer with some friends” – Koastle

Not all rebrands work, but if I were to bet on it, I would put my chips on Koastle as this debut track really hit the spot. If they continue in this direction, I foresee a very promising year out of the duo in 2021 and am extremely excited to continue watching this project bloom. Below, I’ve left a link to the track for you all to give it a listen on your own time and if you like the record, make sure to go follow Koastle on socials (IG: @koastle).


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