Reminiscent of the sunshine and carefree summer affairs that are just around the corner, kaleidoscopic pop duo CRITTER have gifted us with their second single, “LEMME”. Formed by ex-rap producer Jake Weinberg and indie singer-songwriter Quinn Barnitt, CRITTER is a culmination of playfulness, verve, and creative prowess, resulting in a sonically colorful swirl of genres that is bound to make you a fan. The LA-based duo creates music nothing short of magnetic, equal parts charming and uplifting, and undoubtedly the quintessential soundtrack for an afternoon in the sun.

Rooted in the exhilarating-yet-daunting prospect of entering a fresh relationship, “LEMME” is a punchy look at how to not lose yourself along the way. Channeling eclectic energy with an undeniable groove, the end product is a lush soundscape of losing your inhibitions and remembering to not take things so seriously. Criminally catchy, the track pulls inspiration from left-of-center pop while not sounding comparable to any contemporaries at first listen—a sonic soup of sorts. Recklessly irresistible, CRITTER is rewriting the rulebook in the best way possible. 

Simply put, CRITTER is the wonderfully raw result of pure, unadulterated eccentric pop. Both Weinberg and Barnitt’s authenticity shine through the track and make it clear that they are the bright spot in avid indie music we’ve been waiting for. Check out “LEMME” below!


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