Miley! / You Make Me Sick

Infectious by design, “You Make Me Sick” from newcomer Miley! is bound to be the most striking track you’ve heard this week. The NYC-based artist is simultaneously erratic yet earnest, making the narrative of his failing relationship that much more relatable. The two and a half minute offering is nothing short of punchy and establishes his flair of exuding a multi-faceted artistry. Miley! thrives in the genreless era—his ability to create a sonic space so diversified yet compelling and intentional is the exact subversity that renders Miley! one to watch. 

“You Make Me Sick” captures the turbulence of relationship issues and depicts the explosive emotions that follow precisely. It’s anarchic vigor is reminiscent of the emotional rollercoaster that is being in a destructive relationship. It’s brisk and bold nature utilizes every second of the track to coalesce a frenzy of emotions into an animated end-product that has the ability to soundtrack a drive with friends, a run, or be the perfect song to belt alone in your room. Although the track reflects tumultuous times, the energy that Miley! exudes can be audibly read as lively and exhilarating—and equally as captivating as his music. 

Miley!’s versatility is unmatched and undoubtedly what makes him so gripping as an artist. With only three singles out, he has already exhibited a breadth of creative flexibility and shows no sign of slowing down. Stream “You Make Me Sick” below!


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