dad sports / I AM JUST A BOY LEAVE ME ALONE !!!

Dad sports. I’ve tried to reason through what this could mean and I’ve ended up with very little, but I do know that the latest rising indie-pop act makes some amazing tunes. Checking in from Ottawa, Canada, the three-piece bedroom band has found themselves gaining momentum with continuously amazing output. The group seems to capture all of the best elements that got you hooked on indie rock: the amazing guitar leads, the earnest writing, the bouncy drums, and most importantly, the ear candy-like tunes.

 From a few fans in the middle of Canada to recently gracing the cover of Spotify’s notorious “unduercurrents” playlist, dad sports continues to knock off accomplishments. This is to be expected because their newest EP, I AM JUST A BOY LEAVE ME ALONE !!!, is filled with nothing but stunning tracks. All it takes is 20 minutes and 6-tracks to make you a true believer in Miguel Plante (vocals / guitar), Keith McDonald (drums), and Alex Keyes (bass). The EP is genuinely unskippable, from its inception to its all-too-soon ending, you will be hooked into the trance of some good old fashioned indie rock slappers.

Naturally, with such a great record it’s difficult to hone in on the highlights but certain tracks do shine just a bit more than their peers. A few of these gleaming moments have to be, “if u want to !” and “nrvs again.” With the former, “if u want to !” we get a dancey and trance-inducing record that is as fun as its title would lead you to believe. The guitar riffs are juicy, the buzzing synth bass is gnarly-as-ever, the drums hit with a special kind of slap, and the under delivered vocal tone pieces it all together. The highlight of this track is definitely the chorus as Plante echoes, “if you want to, I’ll be here by your side / I’ll melt into your skin, as if I never really was there,” you genuinely can’t fight the feeling to bop side to side and let the leads take you away. The guitar crashes in so graciously with the chorus creating a true peak moment of bliss. 

With the fourth track on the record, “nrvs again” there is more of the same kind of beauty, the drums are slappy and fun but this time welcome in some exciting percussion sounds. The bassline on this record is entrancing, you can easily find yourself riding its quiet steps in the mix throughout the record. As the pre-chorus introduces some hypnotic guitar leads it eventually culminates into another masterful and undeniably catchy chorus. Here Penalta highlights a bit of his heart-on-the-sleeve writing as he explains, “feels like I’m nervous again / no it doesn’t take much these days,” and inclines the audience to dance along and feel each of his words. This moment of the cascading pre-chorus creates a special moment of gratification when the chorus hits that writing will never do justice, you just have to hear it with your own ears.

There are so many amazing things to say about this record but I believe you’d best spend your time giving it a listen yourself. Tune into the best-new-thing on the indie scene and give the Ottawa boys a listen. The dad sports movement is here to stay and there is no better introduction to the group than I AM JUST A BOY LEAVE ME ALONE!!! so tune in now! 


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