Free Arlo & Bri Tolani / mems

While we oftentimes find ourselves reminiscing in memories that play like a supercut in our minds, one can’t help but wish to delete the bad ones with a simple drag and click to the trash folder. Free Arlo & Bri Tolani have joined forces to write and produce “mems,” a pop-filled track that vocalizes our inability to let go of memories of people that are keeping us in the past.

“Mems,” produced by Free Arlo himself, blends a synth-pop production style with a clean electric guitar line adding an indie vibe to the entire song. It’s the perfect track to listen to after going through a breakup you no longer wish to remember, or be upset about. Both Bri Tolani and Free Arlo had the same idea when writing “mems”- they wanted to create a track that relates to the human nature of clinging on to the memories of the people they miss. Free Arlo went on to add, “Sometimes we have memories we wish we could delete, much like files on a hard drive… I thought that concept would make for not only a relatable song idea but something I hadn’t heard before in pop music.”

Bri Tolani and Free Arlo have been working incredibly hard this year, releasing music under their solo projects. I’ve been listening to “mems” on a loop for the past two days! My favorite line in the song is:

“don’t want these memories i wanna erase em; you know i wish that i could give em all back; i’m making new ones that I’m gonna need space for; i don’t think i’ll be wanting them back”

I hope this isn’t the last Free Arlo and Bri Tolani collab we get. You can stream “mems” down below 🙂


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