Pop/R&B songstress Lxi released her debut single today, her 21st birthday, on all streaming platforms. The track, “in a daze,” marks the beginning of her career as a solo artist. 

Lxi uses her smooth, evocative vocals throughout the single in order to document the beginning stages of a relationship. The track’s ethereal instrumentation, coupled with the rising artist’s poignant lyricism, feels reminiscent of a romantic daydream. 

Lxi claims that she began the track months ago, but ultimately finished the song after being inspired by a new romance, “I wrote this song back in August about generally exploring a new relationship and falling in love. My writing got more specific as I started my relationship with my now boyfriend.  I hope to tell the story of a new couple falling in love with each other. Capturing the moments like when you go to the grocery store with your significant other and you have the best time, or staying up till 6 am because you’re so infatuated with them. I want to communicate the beauty and simplicity of falling for your best friend.”

Do yourself a favor and stream “in a daze” below…and Happy 21st, Lxi!


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