Julian Skiboat / “My Room”

Julian Skiboat is an artist who came across my radar when I was hitting my stride in music discovery. I’ll never forget when his track, “Whiskey” came up on my Soundcloud, it was really a defining moment for me. I’d even go as far as to say that Julian Skiboat was one of the first finds that ignited a passion for looking deeper into fresh talent. After “Whiskey,” the 24-year-old San Antonio native went dark for a bit, keeping up with his Twitter I was always waiting for his next release. First, he brought “Whiskey” to Spotify (I was stoked), and then I waited once again. This week, the amazing talent welcomed in another outstanding record, “My Room” and I’m elated to have the opportunity to cover it.

The track opens with plucked guitar chords and welcomes in a pronounced kick drum. However, the show is immediately stolen by Skiboat’s vastly unique vocal. With a special kind of wear and grit, Skiboat captures a truly Unami-esc sensation that touches the hidden palette of sound. The verse is delivered in a dreary and hypnotic melody as Skiboat allows his vocal to gorgeously wain and wander. He picks up a bit of energy on the chorus and allows the vocal to pick up with the more up-tempo drum hits.

The track’s middle section welcome in a dreamy instrumental bridge with vocals just gently gracing the mix in the distance. A true moment of beauty and variation, the bridge is a special moment. The lyrics on the track are earnest and entirely too relevant to the world at the moment. Skiboat echoes the sensations of isolation and its effects that somehow lead to further isolation. Skiboat emphasizes in the chorus, “I’ve been in my room all day / I’m sorry if I’m acting strange” and I felt that one a little bit too much this past year (as we all did). 

In its entirety, this is an amazing record. Julian Skiboat carries a lot of sentiment when it comes to my musical journey and I hope this record is indicative of more to come. With his ear-catching vocals and heart-on-the-sleeve lyricism, the 24-year-old is surely here to stay. Be on the lookout for the young talent and make sure to tune into “My Room,” oh and while you’re there, make sure to checkout “Whiskey” as well, you won’t regret it.


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