LEADR / Hi, I’m Human

In a time where many are discriminated against for who they are, Los Angeles based artist, LEADR, embraces all imperfections, flaws, and humanness in his track, “Hi, I’m Human.” Dedicated to the AAPI community and the victims of recent attacks, LEADR says that “using my voice, I hope that my song builds awareness to be careful with the words you choose. Our words do lift or they can destroy. We all suffer and seek love and validation. Let’s take united against racism, hatred, violence, and bullying. We’re all human.

Upon hitting play to the track, I made a connection to Red Hot Chili Pepper’s, “Scar Tissue.” “Hi, I’m Human” is gritty, and dark, while still containing an uplifting vibe within the lyrics. The song provides comfort from start to finish and serves as a reminder that there is somewhat of a universal experience with our downfalls and hardships.

Premiering alongside the track is an accompanying music video that harnesses the emotions of the single and projects it in a raw, unfiltered way. Adorned with abhorrent slurs and speckled with bruises, LEADR takes viewers on a journey through the abyss and ghastly pits.

Truly building something special with his music, LEADR embraces his identity and wears it on his sleeve. Watch the video for “Hi, I’m Human,” down below and give the track a listen!


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