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While I am generally not the type of writer to jump outside of the genres of hip-hop, pop, and r&b, today is a special day. Ultimately, great music is great music and I am stoked to offer the ER platform to an artist who you may not know yet, but should. Brooklyn-based, Tal Simon, is a 21 year old genre defying producer and singer who’s struggles during COVID led him to creating a sound that is truly pushing boundaries. Not too often do you come upon a gem as unique as this one, so I’m excited to get to talking about Simon’s new records.

On Tuesday, April 13th, Simon dropped his debut EP, “Reworks”. Offering good vibes and an engulfing sense of nostalgia, “Reworks”, is a kaleidoscopic blend of dream pop, UKG, and house that will take listeners back in time as memories from the past make their way to the front of the subconscious. While the EP is encompassed of 5 songs, the track that particularly stood out to me was Simon’s record, “You”. The song melds the skittering two-step beats that Tal grew up listening to while visiting family in London and is a great song to play as the summer days move closer to us. With his deft command of sonics, the song evokes an array of vivid memories with a rhythmic piano line, smooth synths, and groovy drums. I’ve been playing it constantly since it dropped and I think that no matter what type of listener you are, you are going to enjoy it. 

With that being said, I’m excited to see Simon start to make a name for himself with this EP. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the “Reworks” EP using the Spotify link below and keep an eye out for new work from Simon in the future.


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