Sean Pixel / Confident

Irony. Something we learn about when reading “classic” books and then sometimes mention when we watch corny movies. Today I want to shed light on an indie-pop artist based out of Seoul, South Korea, Sean Pixel who created the perfect ironic situation in his song “Confident”.

This upbeat, poppy track makes you feel like you want to skip around with your friends until you really start listening to the lyrics. The contrast of the bittersweetness in Sean’s words between the instrumental makes it almost impossible not to appreciate the song for more than the music. “Confident” is the soundtrack to a fading relationship that you know has to end sooner than later. 

Lyricism isn’t super common in pop records, but Sean had hip-hop influences throughout his adolescent years while traveling to England and other European countries like Portugal. This adds a unique element to Mr. Pixel’s music, something we see executed in “Confident”.

If you have a fleeting relationship, or worry someday your lover might leave you, add “Confident” to your heart-break playlist and give Sean Pixel a follow to stay early on all your new favorite music.


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