KiNG MALA / she calls me daddy

Bold and brazen with an undeniable groove, KiNG MALA’s latest single “she calls me daddy” is sure to have you hooked on the first listen. Uninhibited to her core, the LA based artist shines with an authenticity that renders her style effortlessly cool. Equal parts gritty and fun, the track melds her soulful voice with a punchy bassline, creating a sonically audacious edge. 

Admirably daring, “she calls me daddy” hits the sweet spot of good alternative-pop music–relatability meets specificity in a way that marks the singer-songwriter’s artistic prowess. Lyrically, she’s cheeky in a way that is biting and clever, and feels undoubtedly contemporary. Both intimate and empowering, KiNG MALA boasts an attitude of carelessness and turns a cold shoulder to heteronormative expectations in a way that exudes confidence—her main goal of the track is to offer both women and non-binary people an all access pass to feeling badass and self-assured in queer relationships. Offering a compelling perspective, “she calls me daddy” possesses a polished swagger that feels duly intentional, giving her listeners a chance to feel the same conviction she exudes. 

Grounded in candidness and an incisive personality, KiNG MALA has a bright future ahead. With her distinct vision and unmatched charm, you’re sure to be a fan. Stream “she calls me daddy” below!


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