Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Karina Rae has released her single, “My Friend,” a pop/R&B fusion track perfect for any summer playlist. 

Throughout the track, the rising artist details the bittersweet reality that comes with ending a relationship. In the chorus, Rae notes that a romance is over, but sends her ex-lover her well wishes, even if they are riddled with a bit of spite. She sings, “My lover, my friend / Well, I wish you the best / Can’t have what’s not yours / I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

Throughout the track, the rising artist fuses together a variety of genres: her instrumentation lives in an R&B influenced space, while both her vocals and lyricism are reminiscent of the picturesque indie-pop track. 

Keep an eye on Karina Rae & stream “My Friend” below!


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