Premiere: BXB LOVE / matrix

I truly believe the best part of being a part of a team like Early Rising are the opportunities to hear some of the best talent before anyone else. But, not only being able to be that first listener, but being a part of the launching of an artist’s career. It’s with great privilege and an immense amount of excitement to be premiering the LA-based, Canadian born eclectic pop queen, BXB LOVE and her debut single, “matrix”.

BXB LOVE is an artistic venture that is allowing her to step outside of the life that’s been based on the expectations and norms of the world around her. The launch of this project is almost a therapeutic endeavour with a goal in mind: to reach an audience that’s seeking for a sign to break out of their own norm and be comfortable in their own skin. That’s the story she tells in her debut track “matrix”. LOVE explains the expectations of women of color in a cut throat industry like the world of music is. LOVE is breaking down the personal, projected, and perceived barriers that have been building around her all of her life. Constant comparisons, self-doubt, and the denial of her own flaws were just some of the battles she’s been fighting. But with the power of her six-stringed friend, a pen and paper, LOVE is overcoming the obstacles she faced in life, and strives to help others overcome the same barricades.

“matrix” speaks to the reflections and realizations I continue to make in relation to the disempowering and destructive life I had subconsciously been building and upholding for myself through the beliefs I held and the translation of those beliefs into how I engaged with the world around me. It’s a snapshot of a moment where my perspective on how this whole ‘life’ thing works, completely shifted. Where I went from living based on what I believed was expected of me, naively thinking that achieving this would one day bring me happiness… to living my life for me, by me, in a way that allows for happiness to be cultivated daily.”

I truly believe “matrix” is the perfect debut single for BXB LOVE. The simplicity behind the production allows us to be welcomed into LOVE’s world. She gives us access to her introspective lyricism and sophisticated songwriting ability. Her vocals alleviate any pain or stress that have been rippling through your mind and allow you to let go of any burdens just for the time being. We’ve opened the door, but BXB LOVE is welcoming you into her world with open arms, a warm smile and a whole lot of love. With “matrix” just being her debut single, it’s safe to say the anticipation to see what follows is already escalating at alarming rates.



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