Rising singer and songwriter Cece Maravilla is an artist that we should all start getting familiar with. The young and dynamic LGBTQIA artist originally from Madison, WI and now residing in Chicago, IL is bringing a unique flavor to their sound. The blend of alternative R&B and Pop is intertwined brilliantly with their gorgeous vocals – reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Ingrid Michelson, Cece Maravilla is an artist we all need to be aware of as the year continues on.

With the release of their brand new single ‘TLSD’ Cece stays true to their inspirations – a blend of all the music they’ve spent their life being so passionate about ‘TLSD’ is a brilliantly crafted record with all the elements of nostalgia, yet something unique that drives the music forward keeping it interesting and refreshing. The mesmerizing chorus, tongue and cheek lyrics and eclectic self production are all cooked together formulating a catchy single that is bound to be stuck in your head for days. 

The title ‘TLSD’ is not just a random acronym – in fact, it stands for “Time, Love, Sex, Drugs” – Cece believes this is what life always comes back to. A constant cycle, going through the motions and having to answer to these moments in life at some point or another. ‘TLSD’ is accompanied by a wonderfully crafted visual that gives audiences a dive inside their head. Cece Maravilla is an artist through and through from being the creative behind all of their own music and visuals, to writing about difficult topics important to personal growth but also growth as a community. We all have a hard time confronting the tough questions and rather than ignoring them, we need to face those tough times because life is tough. Cece believes this is vital and it’s crafted perfectly into their lyrics and sound.

If you do anything this weekend make sure you listen to ‘TLSD’ by Cece Maravilla and check out their music video and behind the scenes footage as well! Links to music, visuals and more via the links below.



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