Gatlin / What If I Love You

Gatlin’s “What If I Love You” is the optimistic fling of a cruel summer. It is new, exciting, and one that came rushing in with every intention to only ever live in the heat of the moment. Upbeat and meaningful, “What If I Love You” reflects on these feelings but has an enthusiastic pulse for the next one. 

The 21 year-old artist based in Nashville and Los Angeles shares her new music video for “What If I Love You,” directed by Luke Harvey, today on Early Rising. With a nostalgic film feel and bright summer colors, it reminisces on the emotions of past love but remains grounded in the excitement of what is to come. 

“I wrote this song about a situation where I felt like I had once found my ‘once in a lifetime’ love, but they didn’t feel that way about me. I wanted the production to feel more uplifting pop because even in the situation I was trying to always stay positive to mask the feeling of being rejected,” explains Gatlin on the writing process.

Set in the beautiful landscape of Joshua Tree, Gatlin gives listeners a space for the song to live in the beaming summer sun and crisp blue sky, where the season is for experiencing and her song is the soundtrack. Although it is about a summer moment that was not met, there is a warmth that meets Gatlin’s sparkling confidence with plans to stay.

Watch the amazing new video below and stay tuned for more from Gatlin.



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