Nathan Day / Fade Like You

If you’re on the hunt for a new artist to indulge in, look no further. Blackpool, UK native, Nathan Day is here to reel you in with his newest visual.

Released back in March, Nathan Day treated the world with a new single, “Fade Like You.” The most recent release holds that same anticipation that you’d feel if you were scaling the side of a mountain, and once the chorus hits, it’s as if you’ve reached the peak, throwing your arms out wide and allowing the air to catch under your arms. “Fade Like You” is a track that I’d play while laying underneath the stars.

Self-directing, and producing an accompanying video for “Fade Like You,” Nathan Day once again highlights his artistic genius. Showcasing grunge with the appearance of The Skeleton, and pops of color from smoke bombs, the music video for “Fade Like You” is a simple, visually appealing treat.

Dive into Nathan Day’s world with “Fade Like You,” and follow along with the ever-so talented artist.


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