aldn / what was the last thing u said

In a digital world where all types of media are available on a whim, the natural progression of the arts is towards an eclectic representation of all-encompassing sound. Artists like aldn, an abundantly talented and digitally-raised musician, are pioneering this next stage of sounds, combining influences from all around the world and all over the digital landscape to create projects that look, sound, and feel like the culmination of generations of artists. Aldn pays tributes to the sounds of Skrillex, Linkin Park, and A Tribe Called Quest, all of which work themselves into his consistent pop efforts where he creates controlled-chaotic soundscapes. 

At the age of 12, aldn was mastering Ableton, and as he built his repertoire, the young talent found his niche attempting to build sounds he hadn’t heard before. Once again, the young star delivers on this aim, with his new release, “what was the last thing u said,” aldn continues to provide exciting new sounds that encapsulate the modern artist. 

The track opens with layered e-keyboards, a few chords, and a topline that stacks to create a subdued and dramatic opening verse. The vocals on the verse are calm and processed with that always welcome phased sound that sends you into the digital landscape. As the track progresses another layer of vocals is stacked for the pre-chorus, finally, the record explodes into a gratifying moment with banging kicks, an oscillating keyboard sound, roaring synth bass, and a higher vocal take that pulls it all together. 

The chorus on the record is subdued and highlights the sincere lyric aldn brings forward, writing of longing for past memories that now only exist digitally. As the track chases its end, aldn brings in a killer verse from none other than Early Rising favorite, Glaive. Over the most heightened production moment on the record, Glaive introduces further excitement with passionate phased vocals that flex more dark and cheeky lyrics such as, “she doesn’t know me like she think she does,” which have become a staple for the rising talent.

With the track comes a video that doubles down on the themes of the digital world, chasing memories, and creating controlled chaos. Through grainy and gorgeously color-graded visuals, we follow aldn as he longs for past memories through a virtual reality headset. The stills on this video are painstakingly gorgeous, each moment could be paused and tossed on a Digi-core mood board. The concept of this video is Blackmirror-esc, the longing, and emotion captured through the VR headset are compelling and fresh. Glaive’s verse is graced with the always welcome greenscreen moment, with a fuzzed background we get more of the digital chaos energy that is consistently fun to take in.

In its entirety, this release is a well-constructed addition to aldn’s catalog. The depth of the themes and the eclectic production combine to craft an exciting representation of the current state of pop music. Be sure to check out aldn, Glaive, and their newest track at the link below!


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