kahre / door close

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, hyperpop is on the rise and I think it’s here to stay awhile. Filled with glitchy and captivating production, the unpredictable genre is fun to listen to and intriguing to dissect. This week I was made aware of a new artist of the likes of those in the hyperpop world, 20-year-old Kahre.

The Minnesota native just released a new single titled ‘door close’ in collaboration with producer aldrch, and it’s an absolute attention grabber. Right from the beginning you get the exhilarating and energetic production that makes hyperpop so infectious, and it doesn’t disappear until the song is over. Vocally, Kahre kills it throughout the entire song. His melodies continually change, making the song feel like an exciting adventure that never leaves you bored. If you haven’t given hyperpop a chance yet, this is the perfect song to dive into! If you’re already a fan of it, meet your new favorite artist in the game. Either way, you definitely should check this track out! You don’t want to miss out.

I’ve linked the song down below, be sure to give it a listen while you’re here!


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