Olive B / Conversations

If you’re in need of a song that invokes self confidence and makes you feel free of all negativity, I’ve got the perfect song for you today. Toronto-based artist Olive B recently graced the world with a song titled “Conversations” that includes all those feelings and more, and I’ve had it on repeat since the first time I heard it!

The track’s production wastes no time lulling you into its soothing vibe as it begins with a guitar riff that sets the tone perfectly. Shortly after the start, Olive’s rich vocals come into the track and take it to another level. Throughout its duration, her powerful voice shines side by side with the sonic elements and the liberating message behind the lyrics. This song is laced with goodness through and through, you’ll definitely want to check it out!

I’ve attached the song down below, so be sure to listen to it while you’re here! You can also stream the rest of Olive’s music which is available on all platforms!


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