Today, alt-pop trio Internet Girl has released a single with rising artist, maxime. titled, “living far away.”

The electro-pop track is an ode to the challenges that come with being in a long-distance relationship. The song’s hook, “I don’t really know you girl, you’re livin’ far away,” touches on the distance between two lovers, and how their separation makes it feel as though they are complete and total strangers. 

The single is driven by explosive percussion and a vibrant, ear-catching guitar riff that serves as a motif throughout the song as a whole. The track’s robotic-esque production, coupled with a grounding melodic line, creates a brilliant juxtaposition within the track that allows it to feel like nothing you’ve ever heard before. 

Check out this wonderful collaboration below, and keep an eye out for both Internet Girl and maxime. as they continue to make waves in today’s industry.


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