Huey Briss & Nikobeats / Grace Park Legend

Famously, Huey Briss flexes his personal manifesto “Briss Don’t Miss,” and with this project in consideration, you can’t disagree. This release comes off of his latest album “Grace Park Legend” and was executively produced by Nikobeats. Repping his city the way any confident SoCal creative would, the 28 year-old artist gives a deep energy to his track while paying homage to the place that raised him. 

The music video, directed by Christian O’Keefe and Michael Priestley, intersects film photography with shots of Huey Briss around the city. Narrating the landmarks of his life, every change in verse comes with a change of scenery panning across Long Beach, California. 

Alongside this visual piece, Briss’s words come to life. From the backseat of cars to boulevards, “Grace Park Legend” is more than a walk down memory lane, it is an autobiographical encounter with the artist. The art is brought into the context of moments and influences that shaped Briss. There’s pride in his pronunciation and a backstory to the bass. He shows listeners how he’s been running things, and “Grace Park Legend” is his victory lap to show for it.

Watch the music video below and stay tuned for more from Huey Briss.


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