With only their third song ever released, musical trio Dance Lessons showcases their newest track “Just Chemistry” and its accompanying music video on YouTube. A genre defying masterpiece, the song is an expertly crafted blend of Soul, Jazz and Pop influences. The London-based, female-fronted and produced trio defines their type of music as Serrated Pop. On the track, Dance Lessons returns with their signature sound – minimal production, sleek vocals and intricate arrangements.”Just Chemistry” is a delicate hymn to the unspoken.

Funky live drums, a groovy string bass-line and reverberated guitar plucks come together flawlessly underneath the trios airy and ethereal vocals. They harmonize beautifully over the unique instrumental showcasing their airy and enchanting voices. Lead member Ann says, “Just Chemistry is about the over-complication of our relationships. It’s about the things that are left unsaid in-between the awkward text messages and conversations, and how the absence of knowing can be misinterpreted as doubt

Lead singer and producer, Ann, was a formerly a solo act and has a project of her own titled I Am Harlequin. She is also a writer of fiction and creative non-fiction books. She is due to release her first book with a Berlin-based independent press in spring 2021. The other two, Tom and Nat, had previously been creating music as a pair collaborating on an album with producer/mixer Andrew Maury before joining the trio.

Still just beginning to develop their sound and style, Dance Lessons has merely breached the surface of their creative potential. Go stream “Just Chemistry” and check out the accompanying music video on YouTube.



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