Luc Fatton

This week on Early Rising we have the pleasure of bringing on Luc Fatton to guest curate our Sunday playlist. We love to celebrate the artists here at Early Rising, but especially the amazing teams built behind these artists. Pledging their support right from the beginning, their stories into the music business are ones to highlight. When I first met Luc, granted it has never actually been in person, I could tell right from our first conversation the excitement he had for artists and the independent side to the music industry. 

Now working as an A&R at +1 Records in New York City, Luc fell into the path of music when he started writing for HillyDilly, now Before The Data, in college. Initially intended to merely satiate a creative outlet separate from soccer, it became a fundamental part of his network and an early step toward finding his career at +1 Records. 

With a deep passion for having an early part in artist stories, Luc is currently developing the careers of Lo Village, Nate Husser, and Anna Shoemaker at +1 Records, and manages Oscar Louis. He met both in the summer of 2019 and has been working with them since. 

In this atmosphere of creatives, Luc is someone I’ve noticed that looks for the artists grounded in their identity and sound first and foremost. Whether it is rap, r&b, or pop, the acts he works with all echo an authentic sense of self at the forefront of their artistry. We are excited to celebrate his work in music this far, and how much more he will accomplish. Be sure to check out his playlist this Sunday!


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