Mia Nicolai / People Pleaser

An ode to self-improvement, Mia Nicolai’s latest single “People Pleaser” is a sonically shimmering and playful take at how to stay true to yourself even when it isn’t easy. The track is an introspective journey about how to find balance and prioritize your needs along with the needs of those around you. Radiating an edifying energy that everything will ultimately work itself out, Nicolai charms with her dynamic vocals and relatable lyricism, at last coming out as triumphant and uplifting. 

The Amsterdam-based artist’s supple vocals match buoyant production, enhancing the breeziness of the track. Reaching the realization that she needs to prioritize herself to feel satisfied, “People Pleaser” inherently feels liberating, with the repeated “OK”s throughout the track providing comfort in remembering that everything will find resolve. Distinctly compelling, the 24-year-old oozes authenticity, conveying her truest thoughts and feelings with a heart-on-her-sleeve expressionism and an unmistakable sense of sonic radiance emulated through her original, upbeat indie-pop lens.  

Nicolai keeps her signature playfulness even while tackling an arduous and personal topic—a testament to her genuineness and innate vibrancy. Her artistry lays within her relatability combined with her exuberant personality, rendering her one to watch. Check out “People Pleaser” below!


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