44phantom / gray!

Walking the line of pop with electronic influences and grunge, Brayton Matthews, otherwise known as 44phantom, is no stranger to creating punchy music overflowing with vigor. His latest single, “gray!” is an eclectic offering that explores the newfound territory of finding success and distinguishing fake friends from real ones. Hitting the ground running with an irresistible energy from the second you hit play, “gray!” is bound to be your latest gem of a find that’s sure to be on repeat. 

Characteristic of the 19-year-old musician’s artistry, the track is teeming with a clear-eyed vulnerability that can’t be replicated. He always presents a lack of inhibition which results in consistently compelling narratives—at only 19 years old, there’s a certain air of maturity present, making 44phantom’s storytelling that much more convincing. With a dominantly hard-hitting production, the track has a particular warmth to it, charged with grunge-pop spirit and a catchy chorus. Sonically upbeat yet thematically dark, “gray!” is a clever and ultimately relatable portrait wrapped into just two minutes and 23 seconds. 

44phantom belongs to a generation coming of age in a time of angst, unrest and alienation. His willingness to be frank about the good, the bad, and the ugly shines through his music and creates a credibility that yearns to be further explored, cementing him as an artist on the rise. We’ll be eagerly awaiting 44phantom’s next single, but for now, enjoy “gray!” below.


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