Jayxander / Stuck in the burbs

JayXander has been one of my favorite surprises of the last year ever since stepping on the scene for his notable song, “Hoodies”. It seemed like the whole entire industry went in a frantic scramble to learn more about this Tennessee native who seamlessly blew up over night. What most don’t know though is that the sudden success was just a bi-product of all the hard work that JayXander has been putting in since first making music.

Although “Hoodies” is still going strong, the promising up and comer returns to our pages for the release of his brand new offering called, “Stuck in the burbs”. I had a chance to listen to this one a little earlier than most and I can honestly say that this might be my favorite song by him to date! This is the JayXander that I think a lot of people will fall in love with. With the catchy hooks and perfectly crafted melodies, there is no reality where you hear a JayXander song and dislike it. From the self production all the way to the sound quality, every base is easily covered by this 19-year-old and it’s so cool to see.

I’ve attached the brand new video to go along with it down below, so give this one a watch and a listen and let us know what you think! 



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