Jetsetforevr / Skeletons

It’s odd to associate Canada with warmth but the latest track from Toronto native Jetsetforevr is nothing but heat.

Jet teams up with fellow Canadian and heartthrob ‘12am’ for a track lyrically centered around the difficulty of opening up about mental health and anxieties. 

With infectious drums and an absolutely beautiful vocal performance from both artists ‘Skeletons’ is an essential track for teens and young adults alike who may be struggling with the pressures of mental health preservation and the restraints of modern society. 

Skeletons’ serves up a firm yet gentle reminder that we all go through trials and tribulations but never alone. Based around such a supportive concept constructed amongst not only infectious drums but a production worth noting.

Produced by Toronto’s own BODI we end up with a complete sonic experience that properly represents the normality of the ups and downs symbolized and alluded to in the track.

In a world where Pop music can often lack important subject matter ‘Skeletons’ by Jetsetforevr provides not only a pleasurable sonic experience but a conceptual subject most can get behind.



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