Prettyboyworldwyde / Unimpressed


Everyone knows those songs that make you take a double take within the first few seconds of it starting. I’m all for a balanced song that takes its time getting started, but, I’ll never complain when an artist hits the ground running from the moment you press play. I had an experience like that with a song just this past week after stumbling on an artist who goes by the name of prettyboyworldwyde. With a name like that, you can only expect excellence and that’s exactly what he delivers on the song that we get to feature today!

“Unimpressed” is one of the latest offering by this up and coming artist and its most definitely my favorite. As soon as the song starts, prettyboy immediately captivates you with his energy and undeniable flow. The Houston Texas native just seems like he knows exactly what he wants to sound like and knows exactly how he wants to make others feel when they hear his music. As the song goes on, it morphs from a quick attention grabber into a well rounded song that showcases the skills and talents of prettyboyworldwyde. I’m super exciting to be showcasing this song on Early Rising today and I hope y’all like this joint as much as I do!

I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!


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