Dora Jar / Multiply

Never lingering enough in a single sonic space to become predictable, California-newcomer Dora Jar’s “Multiply” is a short yet entirely alluring and pleasant surprise. Using her lustrous voice, Jar presents a polished ode to exploring feelings for a new lover, whose energy and cheekiness grows just as quick as your affection for the track. Continuously building until we reach a cathartic release of well-earned noisy guitars, “Multiply” is a bright spot that showcases Jar’s effortless ability to shapeshift beyond your expectations, instead proving that the element of surprise is essential—bursting and excitable in the most captivating way. 

Mirroring the track’s volatile nature, today comes its visual pairing. Whimsical and impulsive, it’s a three-minute journey offering an inside look into the singer-songwriter’s mind. The grandiosity of the final minute feels freeing with Jar’s animalistic movements and complete disregard of inhibition. “Multiply” is laced with a delicate yet paradoxically strong confessionalism—a curiosity so striking it feels personal. 

Jar is a vital new artist and one to keep an eye on. Earnest, singular, and not easily comparable to any other artists breaking onto the scene, she is in a league of her own. “Multiply” and it’s video pairing live happily between reality and speculation, proving eccentricity and unconventionality are astonishing if done well. Check out the video for “Multiply” below!



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