Last week, songstress Ella Collier dropped, “Like That,” the debut single off of her freshman EP, MOOD SWINGS. The pop/hip-hop single features Collier’s multi-talented collaborator, singer/rapper ill Nicky. 

Throughout “Like That,” Collier discusses the intricacies of a fresh relationship through witty wordplay. In the song’s chorus, the singer notes that someone is pursuing her–but doesn’t truly understand her–through a play on words with the song’s titular phrase, “like that.” Collier sings, “You got me looking in your eyes like that / You got me believing your lies like that / You got me crossing all my lines like that / But you don’t even know me like that, like that.” 

In terms of her songwriting process, Collier claims that collaborating with ill Nicky felt effortless, “I wrote ‘Like That’ in the studio with ill Nicky in a matter of 15 minutes. Most of the song was freestyle and that’s what makes it so perfect because it was truly how I felt at the time.”

The track is anchored by a bouncy guitar line and a trap groove that will make it the perfect addition to any summer playlist. 

Stream “Like That” below!


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