Matt Jordan / Leave

I can never get enough of 808s and guitars. Seriously. Like it’s all I listen to these days. 

My latest fix came to me in the form of Matt Jordan’s first single “Leave” which I got the pleasure of listening to before its release. Although its not your classic Atlanta or Southern rapper crooning over the beat, I was surprised by the vocals of this young man. The song is a trap-flavored breakup anthem, and I definitely get those vibes from the emotion in his voice.

Jordan’s silky smooth voice and intonations float effortlessly over the track. He definitely has an ear for melody, the hook is powerful- think Post Malone and Bieber. He is a promising artist and I think “Leave” is an excellent debut that puts him in an excellent place in the pop scene.

Give Matt Jordan and his first single “Leave” a listen, he just might be all over the radio before you know it.


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