Rightfield / Birthday Party

Last night I did what I do on most Thursday nights, I popped in my airpods right at 11pm and queued up a load of brand new tracks to listen to. One of those tracks was “Birthday Party” by Rightfield, and I can truthfully say I have not stopped listening to this song since I first heard it last night. I wrote about Rightfield not too long ago but I’m back here writing about them again because they continue to impress me with their beautifully crafted sound.

“Birthday Party” wasted no time identifying itself as one of my favorite songs of the year. It starts slowly with an acoustic guitar and some ambience, but quickly unfolds into a wonderland of lush melodies from both the instrumentation and vocals. The track feels like laying in a field of flowers, or like driving through your favorite city on a perfect day with the windows down. Truthfully, this song is just magic. If you’re looking for a new favorite song, look no further, this is it. Seriously, do yourself a favor and listen to this song today!

I’ve attached the link down below, so you can even check it out while you’re here! Let us know what you think!


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