Today, Paris-born and Canada-based artist/producer Tobias Dray released, “Twice,” a fresh indie-pop track featuring multi-talented singer/songwriter Charlie Powers. The single serves as Dray’s first release of 2021. 

The song begins with an electronic instrumental introduction. After a few moments of bliss, Powers’ evocative vocals enter the sonic landscape and bring the song to life, as he sings the track’s opening line and hook, “I said stop right there, girl where you goin’?” 

The song is anchored by driving 80s drums, which help to decorate the soundscape and usher in the single’s hooky chorus. As the song progresses, Powers’ vocals and Dray’s instrumentation come together to form a complementary union as the song’s varying elements fuse together to create a dynamic, ear-catching soundscape. 

For those needing a new song on their summer playlist, “Twice,” will be the perfect addition. 

Stream the single below!


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